• You guys say this is a M4. This looks like a C7


    It's a C7..

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    • Haha, and I always thought it looked a little more like an AR15 in parts. Are you refering the sight in particular? I welcome the debate, a large part of what we do is gun fiction, so *some* artisistic license has been taken all over the place. But I appreciate accuracy too. ;) In some cases 'categories' would be a better way to describe them.

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    • Yup. People think this and that, but the thing is, you go off of what the GAME says, or the developers. I was just saying that the "M4" was modeled wrong. But idgaf. Anyway, thanks for putting out that Facebook post :P might help me out.

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    • yah np. never know where something goes! Shoot we make a a couple games and they go absoulutely no where after we post everywhere, if it hooks it hooks people you know. Sometimes its nothing you can do about it. Sometimes we do nothing to tell anyone and it blows up big, So I wish success had a formula. The best you can do is be ready to take action most times. Ug. I better get back to testing and coding... builds done. :P

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    • I hate to add things up there but, I have a suggestion

      So, you know the AK? Well I thought you could do this. You have the normal ak, a tactical, and a gold version.

      You could do this for multiple weapons...

      Sorry, my nerdy-ness just had to make me type that.

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    • Oh yeah. Its pain in the ass to add new weapons in DA2, but DA3 this is exactly the kind of thing we are planning for. ;D

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    • A FANDOM user
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